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♥ Prettiest mess you've ever seen ♥

I should probably feel cheap but I just feel free

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I'm Sophie

Currently 16 but hoping to be 17 quite soon. I don't write profiles very well my interests probably say more about me.

Things that make me smile: The first track to Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album.
Things that me me sad: The last track of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

I also like crap TV shows and get intimidated easily.

I'm running out of things to say.

Favourite guys at the moment: Hugh Laurie, Paul Bettany, David Tennant, Jack Davenport, Alan Davies, Alex Pettyfer.

One True Pairing Ship(s): House/Wilson, Harry/Draco, Joey/Chandler, Ryan/Seth.

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"I have no kids and my marriage sucks, I have two things that work for me, my job and this screwed up friendship" House/Wilson = My fanon is so canon

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"Harry was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy" Even JK Rowling is slashing 'em

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The famous bracelet buddies

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Dominant Ryan and Submissive Seth. Just the way God intended

"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork": House/Cameron, Harry/Ginny, Will/Grace

"I dabble a little" Ship: House/Chase, Ron/Draco, Paris/Hector, Lancelot/Arthur, Aziraphale/Crowley, Will/Jack.

"Makes no canon sense but why the hell not" Ship: Wilson/Chase

Feel free to friend me you don't have to ask but just leave me a comment and let me know you are so I friend you back.

007/006, aerosmith, alan davies, ally mcbeal, andrew lincoln, athlete, avril lavigne, aziraphale/crowley, big brother, bill bailey, blackadder, boys kissing, britain, british, british accents, british men, british tv shows, buffy, charmed, comedians, comedy, coupling, cute guys, david tennant, desperate housewives, dido, discworld, doctor who, dr. gregory house, dr. james wilson, draco malfoy, dylan moran, embrace, england, er, fabulae, fanart, fanfiction, fanfiction.net, fanmix, fantastic four, fanvids, fictionalley.org, funny, gay guys, giles/ethan rayne, good omens, guys, h/d, harry potter, harry/draco, harry/ron, hector/paris, his dark materials, hot guys kissing, house, house/chase, house/wilson, hugh laurie, icons, ignoring people, imdb, ioan gruffud, its all relative, jack dee, jake gyllanhaal, james/sirius, jimmy carr, joan rivers, joey/chandler, john barrowman, kaiser cheifs, kelly clarkson, lancelot/arthur, lee mack, legolas/aragorn, lord of the rings, maroon 5, maya, mitch hedberg, my family, oasis, older men, orange county, paul bettany, pirates of the carribean, potter slash archive, qi, queer as folk, quotes, random quotes, razorlight, remus/sirius, rich hall, rik mayall, ron/draco, rps, ryan attwood, ryan/seth, sarcasm, schnoogle, scissor sisters, seth cohen, sex and the city, sirius black, skyhawke, slash, slash fanfiction, slash icons, slashing guys, smut, snow patrol, spike/angel, spike/xander, stand up comedians, starts with a spin, stephen fry, switchfoot, terry pratchett, text secret, textsecret, the calling, the oc, the who, tv quotes, underwater light, will and grace, will/jack, wilson/house, wimbledon, wit, zeke/casey